Hall of Fame

Olympic Champions

Nikolay Panin-Kolomenkin (1872/1874-1956)
Faculty of Physics and Mathematics (1893-1898)

Figure skating (1908, London)
The 1st Olympic Champion of Russia

Gennady Shatkov (1932-2009)
Faculty of Law (1951-1956)

Boxing (1956, Melbourne)
Associate professor, Candidate of sciences (Law) (1963), vice-rector (1965-1969)

Natalya Kuchinskaya (b. 1949)
Faculty of Psychology (1966-1968)

Gymnastics, team championship (1968, Mexico), balance beam (1968, Mexico)

Yuri Tarmak (b. 1946)
Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics (1968-1969)
Faculty of Economics (1969-1975)

Athletics, high jump (1972, Munchen)
Candidate of sciences (Economics).

Tatyana Kazankina (b. 1951)
Faculty of Economics (1969-1975)

Athletics, 800 meters (1976, Montreal), 1500 meters (1976, Montreal; 1980, Moscow)
Candidate of sciences (Pedagogics).
International Grandmasters

Boris Spasskiy (b.1937)
Faculty of Journalism (1954-1959)

The 10th World champion (1959)

Anatoly Karpov (b.1951)
Faculty of Economics (1973-1978)

The 13th World champion (1975)

Victor Korchnoy (b. 1931)
Faculty of History (1948-1953)

6-times winner of chess competitions in the USSR team, participant of the final matches for the title of World champion
Famous Sports Figures

Vyacheslav Sreznevskiy (1849-1937)
Faculty of History and Philology (1865-1870)

Figure skating
The 1st President of Russian Olympic Comittee.

Georgiy Dyupperon(1877-1934)
Faculty of Law (1895-1901)

The founder of Russian football, sports journalist, member of the International Olympic Committee.

Ivan Lebedev (1879-1950)
Faculty of Law (1897-1905)

The organizer of the course "Swedish gymnastics and athletics" at St. Petersburg University.