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Hall for aerobics

The Department of Physical Culture and Sport enjoys modern sports facilities: a swimming pool, a ski centre, indoor games halls, dedicated halls for aerobics, wrestling, boxing and other activities.

Swimming pool

The students have an opportunity to select from 22 sports, with the classes delivered by highly-qualified teachers and couches. The most popular student's sports are basketball, volleyball, football, athletics, aerobics, orienteering, rugby, swimming, boxing, wrestling.

Students with special health requirements take part in recreation classes which also provide some theoretical knowledge on sports and health. Sports classes are module-based and intended to use a complex rating system to tailor sports activities to a student's experience, medical conditions, and his/her current level of physical fitness. There is also a choice of sports sites in various parts of Saint-Petersburg.

Ski centre in Toksovo

The Department has numerous international links with universities of Germany, Poland, Hungary, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, and other countries.

the 1st Olympic Champion of Russia

For more then 200 years, sports in St. Petersburg University has been associated with a red brick Jeu de Paume building located at the university campus. The building was constructed in 1793 and was the first indoor sports facility ever built in Russia.Today the building is the headquarters of the University Department of Physical Culture and Sports.

At The London Olympics 1908 Nikolay Panin-Kolomenkin, graduate of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics (figure skating) hit the history as the first Olympic champion from Russian.

The University's sportsmen were frequently part of the national team. Some of them won the glory of Olympic champions: G. Shatkov (1956, boxing), N.Kuchinskaya (1968, gymnastics), Yu. Tarmak (1972, athletics), T. Kazankina (1976 and 1980, athletics). There have also been winners of the Chess Olympiad: B. Spassky (1969-1972) and A. Karpov (1975-1985). V. Korchnoy many times got to the final.

About the 100 years of the Department's work yielded 47 international masters of sports (the highest sports rank in the USSR and Russia) and about 500 masters of sports, including many champions and prize-winners at national, European and world competitions.