Science Research

Responsible for scientific work
Doctor of sciences (Pedagogics), professor
Khubbiev Shaykat Zakirovich

The University's Department of Physical Culture and Sports carries out extensive research in the following fields: pedagogical, psychological, philosophical and humanitarian innovations in managing sports at SPbU; development of new biomedical and recreational technologies and techniques; implementation of research results in education and students sports.

The comprehensive research project Increase of adaptation potential and health strengthening by means of physical culture and sport is currently underway.

This is a more detailed list of the Department's research activities:

  • research targeting new educational, recreational and sports techniques and technologies; enhancement of research carried out by each instructor;
  • integration of science and education; involvement of teachers and students into research;
  • implementation of research results in sports and education;
  • facilitation of teachers' participation in regional, national and global scientific events, including conferences, forums, research seminars, etc.;
  • promotion of research links with Russian and foreign universities;
  • planning and registering the results of the Department's research activities;
  • consulting instructors about articles publication and dissertations writing;
  • organisation of research conferences and experience exchange.


Phone: 328-59-49