Research Of Human Physical Condition

Head of Research laboratory
Lavrentiy Viktorovich Shadrin
Candidate of sciences (Medicine)

The research laboratory of SPbU Department of Physical Culture and Sports monitors students' functional health as related to their sports classes. The monitoring is carried out on an annual basis.

The method used enables very prompt assessment of the students' functional health and physical abilities. This helps to select the best individual trajectories of sports training and track the functional health indicators in a continuous way: hence the possibility to effectively combine education, sports and recreation.

The method includes:

  • anthropometric measurement (height, weight, body mass index);
  • pulmonary function testing (breath-holding test, spirometry), Skibinsky index;
  • circulatory system assessment (heart rate, blood pressure measurement) before and after exercise – physical fitness test (Rufe test & index);
  • calculation of individual adaptation potential (Baevsky's method).


The research laboratory performs both scientific (grants, applied research) and methodology work.