Research Student's Club

Head of Research Student's Club, candidate of sciences (Biology), professor
Minvaleev Rinad Sultanovich

The Research Club is a common-interest association open to SPbU students. The Club was created to foster basic and applied research in physical culture, sports and health.

The Club's work:

Research seminars are organised by the Club twice a year – one in each semester. The students present results of their in-depth study of the themes they have selected. Annual conferences are held at the end of an academic year.

The Club includes five sections (heads of sections are given in brackets):

  • sport technologies and techniques (S.Sh. Namozova)
  • biomedicine (T.I. Baranova)
  • recreation technologies and techniques (R.S. Minvaleev)
  • time management (Sh.Z. Khubbiev)
  • anthropology of sport (E.R. Polyakova)

The Research Club also includes a United Consulting Centre dealing with cross-disciplinary study of physical culture, sports and health. The Centre is headed by B.A. Mikhaylov.



Phone: (812) 328-97-90

Timetable: Tuesday 14:00 - 15:00